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Self-Help Craze

Self-help in the current times has reached a level so high that you found yourself being a loser even when you are not. I wake up to a plethora of positive and motivational quotes and videos. From WhatsApp group forwards to YouTube videos, the notion of feeling better about yourself is shoved down your throat. … Continue reading Self-Help Craze


Eavesdropping on Teenagers

A bunch of teenagers had gathered, indulged in loud banter. As I passed them by, what I overheard was purely revolting. They stated that if a guy broke up with a girl, she would hang herself and if a girl broke up with a guy, he would throw acid on her. A couple of girls … Continue reading Eavesdropping on Teenagers

A Teenage Flick That Got It Right

Name: The Edge of Seventeen Director: Kelly Fermon Craig Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Woody Harrelson Release Date: November 18, 2016 As soon as I found out that Hailee Steinfeld received a Golden Globe nomination for the movie The Edge of Seventeen, I barfed. Since when do actors from teenage flicks get nominated for elite awards? After … Continue reading A Teenage Flick That Got It Right