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The Truth About Arranged Marriages

As a girl born and raised in India, the act of falling in love and the practice of it was made out to be foreign; a ritual exclusive to distant lands. Romantic love remained unfamiliar in my life, though common in the lives of others. I did not seek romantic love nor did it seek … Continue reading The Truth About Arranged Marriages


Fighting the FOMO on Life Abroad

I left India as a newbie aunt, returned with some stained shirts and lots of perspective! We are all most acquainted with the international student. There were many from both my school and college, who chose the United States and other countries such as Spain, England, and Italy for higher education. Having completed my Master’s … Continue reading Fighting the FOMO on Life Abroad

Philosophy For All

Political Philosophy It does not do well to discard the epistemological explanations to various occurrences. To ignore it would be to do so at one’s own peril. Humans can live in a society only by having an understanding of the nature of that society. Political theory and philosophy argued Rajeev Bhargava, an eminent political theorist … Continue reading Philosophy For All

A Teenage Flick That Got It Right

Name: The Edge of Seventeen Director: Kelly Fermon Craig Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Woody Harrelson Release Date: November 18, 2016 As soon as I found out that Hailee Steinfeld received a Golden Globe nomination for the movie The Edge of Seventeen, I barfed. Since when do actors from teenage flicks get nominated for elite awards? After … Continue reading A Teenage Flick That Got It Right