Bad Service

A road with potholes, wires from an electric pole hanging loose, cows crossing busy roads, lack of sidewalks, lack of civic sense, spitting on the roads, open defecation, manual scavenging, regularly making roads unusable while accessing bore well water, people jay walking, the pathetic maintenance and unsystematic procedures followed in government offices — these are … Continue reading Bad Service


Fighting the FOMO on Life Abroad

I left India as a newbie aunt, returned with some stained shirts and lots of perspective! We are all most acquainted with the international student. There were many from both my school and college, who chose the United States and other countries such as Spain, England, and Italy for higher education. Having completed my Master’s … Continue reading Fighting the FOMO on Life Abroad

What Singularity Does To You

Americans and Europeans are quite the amused lots when it comes to learning about African or Asian cultures. Anything that lies beyond their borders is seen either as entertaining or leaves them with disbelief.    Take, for instance, an interview of Trevor Noah on QI with Stephen Fry. In the interview, the host is … Continue reading What Singularity Does To You